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posted: 2 hours ago
Me *points at Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay, and Kdin*: Team Let's Build
YouTube comments: no....this is wrong...only geoff and gavin are let's build cannot say this false thing
Me *Points at Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay and Kdin*: Love the Let's Build team
posted: 18 hours ago

What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed

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Do you ever just fall in love with a whole company and just kind of

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Happy 43rd Birthday Joel!! (September, 16, 1971)

aka how are you 43 and still look like a 30 year old???


I didn’t know it was possible the have a crush on every member of an entire company until I started watching Rooster Teeth.

posted: 2 days ago

Today is gonna be such a shitty day because I got no sleep and since I’ve been out of bed and getting ready for work and going to work I fought with my mom and cried twice. Now I feel like I’m gonna be sick.
I just wanna go back home and crawl in bed and pretend Tuesday never happened.

posted: 2 days ago

During CAH when everyone starts to fight

Fan: Guys, guys, WAFFLE-O!
Game Grumps: what the fuck is waffle-o
Ray: I have no idea what that is
Game Grumps:
Ray: I love eggo waffles
posted: 2 days ago

modern romance.


modern romance.

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posted: 2 days ago